Protecting software code with Patamu

IT code can be protected with by generating a proof of evidence of priority in time when you register source code (highly suggested) or compiled code. It is not the concept of the program itself that is protected but the written code itself, since by law code is considered to be equivalent to a literary artwork.

One can register and store code, software, firmware, algorithms, code for web pages and websites. When you register the code etc, you can also add all the content related to the development of the program or site (eg. graphics or related texts). You can even choose the licence you prefer for the distribution of the artwork (eg. open source, creative commons, GNU, MIT licence, copyright).

Patamu suggests to protect all the steps of the creative process (even drafts) by registering all the main phases of development of the code. The code needs to be registered and uploaded in the zipfile format, protected by a password. This requires a subscription to a PRO account.