Protect your creations and works of Design, Industrial Design, and Architecture

You can use Patamu Registry to register and protect your projects of Architecture, Design and Industrial Design. The natural and correct place to register your works of Design and Industrial Design is the Patent and Trademark Office. Nevertheless, one does not always have the economic resources to sustain the costs of depositing all one’s works. One must also consider that during the elaboration and creation process of the work it generally remains unprotected.

In the cases in which you do not want to or cannot revert to the Patent and Trademark Office, Patamu Registry allows you to have a quick, economic and effective first level of protection, by allowing you to create an evidence of priority in time for the authorship of your creations, to prove by means of a time stamp procedure that has legal value and is recognized internationally, that you created a project on a certain date. You can use this proof of authorship to protect your works from plagiarism in case of legal controversy. Patamu advises you to protect the various steps of the entire creative process (even drafts), by registering all the main phases of development of the project, including the co-authors that intervened during each phase. The design and industrial design projects need to be registered and uploaded in the zipfile format, and protected by a password. It is therefore necessary to subscribe to a PRO account.

With Patamu Registry you can protect your works instantly. This is done by means of a time stamp procedure that has legal value and is recognized internationally. The timestamp procedure assigns certainty of date and hour of coming into existence to an online document that contains your works, providing a proof of evidence of your authorship.

With Patamu Registry you can send and share your work with other people for reading, even before publication, without fear of being plagiarized.

The proof of anteriority in time (ie. of being the first in time to have registered the work) allows you, in case of legal controversy, to have a proof of authorship that is prior in time compared to the evidences provided by third parties, thus protecting you from any unauthorised use of your creative works. Thanks to Patamu, it will be easier for you to decide whether to and how to share the content and use of your creative work, even before publicizing it, without fear of being plagiarized.