Protect your research work, your scientific logbook, your theoretical and experiment results and your presentations and papers.

If you do Scientific Research, you can use Patamu Registry to demonstrate the exact datre in which you obtained a scientific result, by regularly registering and uploading the contents of your logbook as you go on, for instance. You can also register and upload your presentations and the drafts and the final versions of your papers before sharing them.

With Patamu Registry you can protect your works instantly. This is done by means of a time stamp procedure that has legal value and is recognized internationally. The timestamp procedure assigns certainty of date and hour of coming into existence to an online document that contains your works, providing a proof of evidence of your authorship.

The proof of anteriority in time (ie. of being the first in time to have registered the work) allows you, in case of legal controversy, to have a proof of authorship that is prior in time compared to the evidences provided by third parties, thus protecting you from any abuse. Thanks to Patamu, it will be easier for you to share the content of your research before publication, having the proof of prior registration in your hands.