How to choose the right Patamu account for your needs


Choosing the right Patamu Registry account for your needs is proving more challenging than expected?

We'll help you get a better idea of the account that's right for you with this short post!



The main difference between the various types of accounts we offer with Patamu Registry relies in the quantity of works you need to upload and the frequency of your uploads. In fact, Patamu offers both one-off payment plans and annual subscriptions.
One-off timestamps allow you to upload a single work or a .zip file containing several works, at the cost - respectively - of € 10 and € 20.

Also for "one-off" timestamps, Patamu immediately guarantees the download of .zip files and generated .tsr files and the storage of the works and the related proofs of authorship on the portal for a minimum time of one year. Once this duration is exceeded and after informing the depositary, Patamu reserves the right to remove the work from the portal or to request an additional fee (€ 1 or € 2 / year) for maintenance costs.

This type of account is designed for those who want to protect a work or a group of works and do not expect to create other works in the following year.

Turning now to subscriptions, the Advanced account allows you to upload 5 works per month for one year at a price of € 36.6 including VAT, while with the Professional account you get unlimited deposits during the subscription year, at a cost of € 73.2 incl. VAT / year.

When the subscription expires, we will notify you with an email two weeks before the expiration and you can decide for yourself whether to renew it or not. With the renewal you can continue to deposit new works and keep those previously deposited on the site; if you do not renew, you can store the generated proofs of authorship, which will remain valid for 20 years.

Therefore, if you need to deposit more than one work or you plan to deposit more works within the year, our advice is to switch to the Advanced account (if you do not plan to exceed 5 deposits per month), or to the Professional account, with which you are entitled to unlimited deposits.

Advanced and Professional accounts, and Single Work and Multiple Works timestamps are reserved for personal use . Are you a publisher or label and want to protect works for your customers? Are you a worker with a VAT number? We have a plan for you too :) With the Enterprise account you can invoice on behalf of the company and / or you can protect works for your customers (they just need a simple free Starter account to be "hooked" to the business account). For costs and more information, just contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will answer all your questions.

We have also recently activated the possibility to sign up for a Dormant account, which allows those who no longer need to mark new works to keep the works already uploaded and the related proofs of authorship on our portal . The price varies from € 5 to € 20 / year depending on the number of works uploaded on the portal. The Dormant account does not allow the download of the proofs of authorship but, if you were to decide, within the year, to activate the Advanced or Professional account again in order to download the proofs of authorship and upload new works, it will be possible to pay only the difference to activate the chosen account.

That's it! Don't forget that the registration for a Starter account is free and allows you to deposit a work and then take advantage of a 15-day trial period. At any time you can upgrade to a subscription or purchase a single timestamp to download the proof of authorship necessary to prove with legal validity that you are the original author of the work.

Do you still have doubts about choosing the right account? Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , we will be happy to help you!