Can I deposit multiple works with a single timestamp?

On Patamu, typically each timestamp must be associated with only one work, which will thus be individually protected.

With a Professional account or with a Multiple Works timestamp you can generate a proof of authorship for multiple works with a single deposit. 

Let's see how in this short article.

Do you need to protect a large number of works and want to make a single deposit? So far, this has been possible only for our Professional users, but now it is also for those who decide to purchase the one-off-payment Multiple Works timestamp. With only 20 €, you can indeed purchase a multi-work timestamp, which allows you to upload multiple works in a single .zip file, up to a total of 500MB.

The procedure to follow is simple, but there are some peculiarities that differentiate it from the single work timestamp.

First of all, you have to put all the works you want to protect in a folder. 
For this type of deposit we also ask the user to insert in the folder a .pdf containing the list of protected works and a declaration of authorship (it is possible to download the model from this link ) . At this point, we can zip the folder using any file compression software like WinRAR or Zipeg, and start the Patamu deposit procedure.

What "type" of work do you assign to the collection?

If the works are of different nature, just select "Other" and specify what kind of works they are (eg texts and videos, music and photos) in the free field, or assign a generic type, eg Mixed Works. We remind you that, for the purposes of legal validity of the timestamp, the type of work selected has no impact.

Which title should you assign to the work?

For the title of the deposit, you can indicate either the title of the collection (for example the name of the album if it is a music album) or simply a generic name indicating that it is a collection of works (for example Work Collection 1). The important thing is that the titles of each work contained in the folder and specified in the multi-work declaration are correct.

For the single or multi-work timestamps purchased, Patamu immediately guarantees the download of .zip files and generated .tsr files and the storage of the work and of the relative proof on the platform for a minimum time of one year.

Once this period has been exceeded and after informing the depositary, Patamu reserves the right to remove the work from the portal or to request an additional fee (€ 2 / year for multi-work markings) for maintenance costs.

The downloaded proof of authorship (zip file + .tsr file) remains valid even if it is removed from the platform.

Do you have any other doubts about the "Multiple Works" deposit? Contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. !