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What is Patamu?

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Patamu generates a proof of authorship for any creative work, allowing to protect one's creativity and publish or share works safely. The protection is instantaneous and is carried out by means of a legally recognized timestamp.


keepcontrolThe author keeps all the rights on the deposited works, has no further obligations towards Patamu, and can use, share or publish works as he/she prefers.


patamu logoThe evidence of authorship generated with Patamu is valid in all the 172 countries that signed the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works. You can read the list of countries by clicking on this link.


patamu logoThe validity of our timestamps is legally recognized and guaranteed by the European Union, as the certification authority that produces our timestamps is certified to be compliant with the EU 910/2014 eIDAS regulation on Digital Trust services.


Patamu Registry can be used by musicians, photographers, writers, journalists, researchers, designers, IT developers, by those who make derivative works such as remixes or mash-ups and in general by anyone interested in proving and protecting the authorship of an artwork or an idea.
Click here for a non-exhaustive list of the types of works that you can deposit.


The Patamu project has won two istitutional prizes for social innovation and is proudly powered by Innovaetica company.
For further informations, please read our F.A.Q.s or contact us.